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Velvet Midi Dress

We got tickets for Anastasia at the Kennedy Center in DC. I realized I didn't have a dress accessible (all my life is still in boxes, we were to be in a temporary rental for a year...) or that fits me ('cause I had gained a few pounds). Obviously, I needed to make a dress, of course.

This dress is a modified version of the knotted midi dress. I loved it so much that I made another one the next day. I wanted to use velvet. I found stretch velvet in Joann. The initial design in my head was to make a boatneck front with a cascaded back. I had no clue how to make the back. I knew how I wanted to look, but I didn't know how cut the fabric to make it work. I started with cutting the front neck line. Later I drafted the back following the base back pattern. It looked amazing, but it was falling off my shoulders! I got frustrated and decided to remove the bodice and just use the skirt, so I added elastic and done. Back to the "nothing fits me issue", now I needed to find a blouse to wear with my new velvet skirt...ugh horrible. I put that problem to rest until next morning...

I said, "I am going to make a dress!" So I took apart every single piece of the bodice. The sleeves were perfect, nothing to do on them. For the front I need to add fabric in order to make a round neck. I cut a new piece and added to the bottom front piece. That's why it looks like it has a yoke. Perfect, problem one solved. Now the back, this one was super easy because I had enough fabric to re-cut the original pattern piece. Because I wanted a sexy back, I decided to leave it open, just sew together two to three inches from the waist up. I binded the neck leaving a tail so can be tied on back. I gathered the bodice instead of making pleats. Remember the elasticated skirt? Well, now I have to attach it to the bodice. Obviously I didn't want to take the elastic off. I proceeded to attach the bodice straight to the elastic, added a band at waist to cover elastic attached to the skirt. Yay, problem 2 I have an amazing dress! I really love the fit of this dress and velvet makes it look fancy! Another project for my November #burdachallenge2018.

So much fun! Do you want to learn more?! Contact us to set a personalized sewing class.


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