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Surface Pattern Designing


My first steps in surface pattern designs were with Katie Kortman Back in February 2020. I did not know her before, but I started following her on Instagram (@katiekormanart) and it was like my sister from another mister. The colors, the fashion, the attitude, everything, I loved her! Then, one day she announces that she will be teaching a class in Spoonflower’s Headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. I live in Virginia, so it was just four hours in car. I was very pregnant, my baby born in May, so, you can have an idea. I was not going to miss this event. I told my husband, got registered, packed my bag and off we went. That day was one of the best days of my life! To be surrounded by so many beautiful people that have the same interest as me. It was delightful, and meeting Katie was like meeting a celebrity!

Figure 1. Me in the front and in the back from right to left: Nicole, Theresa, Katie, and Meredith.

Figure 1 shows some of the beautiful people I met that day and we are still friends nowadays. Meredith was as pregnant as me. It was so good to meet somebody else crafty and pregnant, just like me. I didn’t feel alone anymore.

Katie showed us how she does her fabulous designs using watercolors, then importing to Photoshop to create the pattern repeat. Wow, new, friends, watercolor, photoshop, crafts, food, all in the same sentence! Heaven! Figure 2 shows one of the designs I created that day. The goal was to create random figures or anything that came to your mind. It was like brainstorming when you are writing. Just throw ideas on a piece of paper, then put them all together. It was the coolest experience ever. I am so very grateful for this day. New friends, new skills, and a new horizon.

Figure 2. One of the designs I made that day printed on Spoonflower fabric.

After those days of February, my life as a designer took a new turn. I kept practicing without knowing that I was just scratching the surface of what could be a whole career.

Months went by and I had my baby. I found myself confined to a bed or sofa while my baby was sleeping. Watching TV is always an option, but unless is Hallmark or a good movie, you lost me. I rather be sewing, designing clothes, making jewelry, or simply, creating something. I started hanging out more in Instagram where my handle is @veronicamoralesdesigner. One day, I saw a post from Spoonflower about a class on making surface pattern designs using your iPad. Obviously, it caught my attention! This class was offered by Jennifer Nichols (IG. @leilaandpo, check out her website when you have a chance). She was going to teach how to draw an orange/citrus slice. Then create a pattern repeat to be used to print on fabric or any product that uses a pattern repeat or a surface design. When I saw her design I was so amazed, it looked so real. I always wanted to draw and paint, but let’s say it was a frustrated dream, until that day!

Figure 3. Orange pattern repeat learned in Jennifer’s class.

Figure 3 shows the repeat pattern design I made that day. I was so excited. I couldn’t believe I just draw an orange slice. Even more, an orange slice that looked so juicy! I think I did pretty good to be the first time drawing in my iPad. That was just the beginning.

That short class opened a new door for me. “Not only I can design my own clothes, but I can design my own fabric!”, I said to myself. You have no idea the infinite ideas and new projects this skill just opened for me. I kept learning. I took every single class Jennifer had in Skillshare. She was like my kindergarten teacher, “my first”, who I admire and love dearly. She taught me all I know about pattern repeats and how to make brushes using Procreate.

Years went by, one day in 2022, Spoonflower contacted me to ask if I was interested in being highlighted as a Latin/Hispanic designer for the Hispanic Heritage Month. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was like, ”what, me?!” Of course I said yes! You can see the blog post here.

When they sent me the draft post I was super excited, not only to see myself in it, but other wonderful designers, among them, Tommie Hernández (IG. @sirenapatterns). If I was excited, at this point, I was beyond excited. To see my name in the same page as Tommie’s it was a dream I never thought I was going to accomplish. Tommie is a renowned designer from Puerto Rico.

This amazing story doesn’t ends there. This year, 2023, Spoonflower contacts me again, but this time, they were inviting me to be their guest curator for this year’s spotlight for the Hispanic Heritage Month. They wanted me to share 4 to 6 of my favorite Hispanic or Latinx designers. Oh, that was so hard, but I did my job! You can see the post here.

I was in the spotlight once again. It was a great experience and great feeling. I know I made these designers very happy. I know I felt happy when I was chosen.

Thanks for taking time to read my post. I hope you get inspired to learn a bit more about Spoonflower, surface designs, watercolors and crafts, in general. I invite you to visit my website, Send me a note if you are interested in learning more about the topic. In addition to that, I offer sewing, jewelry making, fused glass and flamework beads classes.

Also, visit my Spoonflower’s shop to see all the designs I have available for fabric and wall paper.

Happy crafting!

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