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Re-Fashioned Shirt

Hello fashion lovers! It's been a while since the last blog, but I am back! This weekend I decided to refashion one of my previously made shirts. I made this striped shirt like 2 years ago. I tried to make a loose-long top. Yes it is long, but it shrunk in the washer. Yep, I made that mistake of not washing my fabric before I make something.

I wanted to make a peplum with flowy bell sleeves. At the beginning I wanted to make the peplum with the same striped fabric, I knew I had a piece left somewhere, but of course I couldn't find it. I went to my stash and found red jersey. "Yes! I can make the sleeves and peplum with red fabric" - I said. haha but guess what? I cut the first sleeves too small, so I needed to cut them again and I ran out of red fabric...hey the sleeves turned out amazing at least, but no peplum haha!

Went to joann to see if they got the same red fabric. Lucky me, they did have it and this amazing black jersey, of course my plans changed. I decided to make the peplum in black!

Ok, enough writing and let's see pictures!!


As we all expected...I found the striped fabric just when I finished! It was right there in front of me haha! It's ok fabric, you won this one, but I actually got a very pretty blouse!!