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One Shoulder Jumpsuit

Oh My GOD! The jumpsuit! This one is from 07/2018 Burda Style Magazine, but they have several patterns in a few magazines. Every time I see one, I day dream about them. I think: Gosh, that has to be so hard to make! The truth, it was so easy that I made it in, maybe, 4 hours total (including cutting). The final product was amazing, perfect fit, comfy, and it doesn't bother me to get all naked when I go to the bathroom hahaha. I admit that that's the reason I hate them, but this one is very easy to get in and out, that I don't care. And you have the option of fixing it differently every time you go to the bathroom. Aha! You didn't think of that huh?! I reference the pattern used here. Look around their website, you will find many others.

I got the fabric in Modas Cristina in Puerto Rico. My intension was to make a bathing suit, but when I saw this pattern I changed the fabric's destiny. I thought the pattern in the fabric was perfect for this jumpsuit. Hey, look how awesome turned out, matching the pattern and everything!! I am so proud of myself!!

The pattern includes pockets and wide elastic at the waist, This makes the look perfect, it adds texture to the silhouette, and camouflages the belly. Yes, my name is Verónica MoraIes and I love burgers! Also, I'm getting lazier with age, so I just work with my patterns to create visual effects.