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Off the shoulder bathing suit

You know that feeling when you want to make a new bathing suit and Burda Style Academy launches a free sew along?! Yeah, that was me this past summer. I've been seeing off the shoulder bathing suits for a few year now, bur they usually are hard to find or super expensive for what they are. Last year I made my first bathing suits (I will make another blog for these), and I found it very easy and cheap. Yo use less that a yard for a one piece and believe me, maybe 1/2 yds for a two pieces!

If you want to learn how to make this awesome bathing suit go here.


Here it is, with Wookie alway photobombing!

I wanted this bathing suit for my honeymoon in Hotel Copamarina, Guánica, PR. I guess you can see why.

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