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Knotted Midi Dress

November is here (well, almost the end of November already), but with the BurdaStyle Teaching Certification: Continued course!! I've been waiting for months. The course was open to watch on Nov 15, lucky me I was traveling for work so I was able to watch the videos in the airport (happy dance). They have a new format for the clases, compact, concise videos showing steps, but not the whole process slowly. I love this new format. One of the assignments is the dress I am showcasing in today's blog, the knotted jersey midi dress. It is from the 01/2018 Burda Style Magazine.

This dress is so cute, comfy and way too easy to make. The first time I saw it I was wondering how to make the knotted part. I was excited to see it was part of the assignments of the new Certification Course. I used a printed jersey fabric from joann instead of solid color. I made this dress in an afternoon. It took me longer to finish the hem than the whole dress (my serger was misbehaving, for a change). The fit is perfect. It is very practical, because it can be used all year long. Wear it with sandals in Summer and maybe Spring. For this cool days in Fall and Winter, wear it with tights and boots. I dusted out my sexy-warm knee-high leather boots to complete my look. I reference the pattern in, as well. can also learn how to make this dress. Contact us to plan a class. Ok, enough reading...enjoy the pictures!! #burdachallenge2018


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