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Going Away Wedding Dress

I got married on 22 June 2018, my dream was to make my wedding dress and the going away dress. I used this A-line dress from the 06/2018 Burda Style magazine. Yes I made this dress like 3 weeks before the wedding! I loved the bands on the shoulders and the pockets. I wish I did the skirt with a little bit more of flare, but I was in a hurry.

I bought the fabric to make a similar dress, thank God I found this one. It was kind of tricky to do the dart/band attachment, but once you get it, it is so beautiful. The armhole instructions were not intuitive, at least for me…and I am a Burda certified teacher! I used an exposed zipper, because after finishing it turned out to be quite small/exact to my size (the story of my life). After all, I am super excited with my new dress. I can’t wait to wear it and show off my new dress at my wedding. I added embroidered appliques and attached them with heat & bond. The seams were too thick to embroider directly on the dress.

The pattern is reference here.


Shoulder bands details.

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