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Fur Short Sleeves Jacket

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

This fluffy jacket was from 09/2018 BurdaStyle magazine. It was so easy to make, 3 pattern pieces and boom, a cute jacket. The only thing I hated was all the fluff all over my sewing room. I vacuumed like 3 times and there were still stuff around. I bought the fabric in gold as well, I can't wait to make it. Luckily I learned a technique at the Expo last week, put Cling Film: Press 'N' Seal® on top of the fabric before you cut. That's it, believe me learning this made whatever I paid for the class so worth it.

I wore it to the Fredericksburg, VA Original Quilt and Sewing Expo last Friday and got more pets than my dog Wookie!! Everybody stopped me to compliment it and to ask me what kind of fabric was it. For you to know, I got the fabric at Joann.

I reference the pattern here.


Very excited about the Sewing Expo!

Here I am just showing off my make up.

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