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Floral Italian Wool Pea Coat

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

This coat was the result of the latest sew along from Burda Style Academy – Sew-Along: Coat Couture. Yes, it has like a million pattern pieces, but they are so easy to sew. It takes longer to cut than to sew. The fabric is from Mood Fabrics NY (you have to call them to order this fabric, it is exclusive of the NY store, it is not in the website). I was wondering what fabric to buy until I saw their Instagram post with a picture of the fabric. Well, you know how that story ended. The lining is from Joann. Love at first sight! The smaller flowers match so good with the large flowers from the outside of the coat. It is super warm, I love it. Thanks Burda Style for this sew along and Meg for teaching it! #burdachallenge2018. The pattern is also reference here.

I get many, many compliments every time I wear it. And I always love to say "I made it!". The fabric is perfect! I was afraid that I needed to get more fabric to match the pattern, but I really loved how the separate pieces form a new pattern. It is a real piece of art!

This is the second coat I make, can't wait to make another one. It is amazing when you try on something that fits you perfectly. The commercial coats and jackets are too small on the shoulders/back for me. I have to buy, sometimes, up to two sizes bigger in order for them to fit comfortable. Is this your case? Do you want to try to make your own clothes? I am a BurdaStyle Certified teacher, feel free to contact me either if you have a sewing related question or if you are interested in short courses on how to make clothes out of digital patterns.


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