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Denim Princess Line Dress

This dress is from the 02/2017 Burda Style Magazine, since then I want to make it. I even thought of using the patter for my bridesmaids this summer. I finally made it when BurdaStyle suggested it as a similar dress that Duchess Meghan wore to a polo race. Hers was a Ralph Lauren design, very simple, but looked amazing. Obviously, I had to make mine. Super easy to make. First time making a denim dress. Some people is afraid of jersey fabric, I was terrified of denim fabric. Now I can't wait to make more denim dresses!!

My favorite part of this dress is the full circle skirt. Those who know me well, know that I love skirts, the fuller the better. I cannot get over that front, look how perfect that neckline is! The dress fit perfectly, the fabric has some stretch, so it helps. The fabric is from Joann.

I reference the pattern here.

Here is the front.

The back! Notice the skirt also has gathers.

Sleeve, lining, zipper and bodice /skirt seam! I love zippers!

Pocket! Who doesn't like pockets. Pockets is one of the reasons that I make my own clothes.

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